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Developing an Employee Value Proposition to attract and keep quality talent.
Creating and implementing a successful EVP is something we know precisely how to address with great success.

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CPI is a rapidly growing business and a driving force in the UK Catapult success story.

As part of this growth, and in the evolving context of the current employment market, they needed support to ensure that they were attracting the right talent, and to ensure the engagement of their current talent..

Perfect for the challenge, Brave & Heart gave CPI an independent and expert view of what needed to be done, through the pillars of talent attraction, talent retention, employee engagement and employer brand.

We delivered a highly effective Employee Value Proposition and implementation roadmap, including the development of a launch strategy with the creation of videos and podcasts.

This EVP will set CPI up to face the challenges of an evolving employment context and their rapid growth by cementing their employer brand and giving them the tools they need to ensure their employees feel their value.

To find out more on how we did this, view the case study here.

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"We knew that we could rely on Brave & Heart to listen to our people, understand our company culture,and then use their findings to create an EVP that would best represent us, supporting us to meet our goals for the future" - Dr Amy Smith, CPI People Director
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