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A brand new IT strategy was needed to drive innovation.
In just 3 months we developed a full blueprint, roadmap and strategy for organisational change.

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CPI is a rapidly growing business and a driving force in the UK Catapult success story.

They knew that to reach their potential they needed an IT strategy to match their expansion.

Perfect for the challenge, Brave & Heart worked with CPI to determine whether they had the right strategy in place, if their IT was optimised to manage and support their future needs, and how IT could enable success for CPI in their expanding UK mission.

First, we developed a 3 year blueprint, roadmap for future strategy, and a full V-MOST for year 1.

Then, we delivered a new organisational structure for the IT department, fully focused on people, business alignment, operational excellence and cutting edge support.

This left CPI with a new way of working with strategy at its core, fully adapted to their future expansion.

To find out more on how we did this, view the case study here.

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“We needed to quickly understand what our IT strategy should be and how we could enhance our capability in order to support the longer term vision and mission of CPI and our people.” CPI Director of Organisation Development - Jodie Coe
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