DP World Internal Comms
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A Global Intranet replacement was needed for 25,000 Employees.
Using our bespoke 3D method and an agile mindset, we rebuilt from the ground up a modern and responsive O365 SharePoint Intranet for all global employees.

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DP World needed a global intranet replacement for over 25,000 employees. They were looking for a modernised, stabilised platform to align with their growth and strategic objectives, and having already worked with Brave and Heart, they knew we could deliver

In only three months, we were able to provide them with a brand new landing page and brand new critical department pages, tackling what they had thought an impossible task, moving from Classic on-premises SharePoint to the modern Online version.

This enabled the Global Internal Communications team to deliver fresh news, relevant information and interface enhancements to over 25,000 employees.

This turned out to be needed more than ever due to the challenge of COVID-19, which arrived mid-project, a challenge we faced together as we helped them develop an online resource centre in less than seven days.

After providing a large-scale solution in record time, we then got into the details, rolling out the remaining pages in 3-month intervals. This process allowed us to cover seventeen sites and hundreds of pages, within our original budget and schedule.

The result was that DP world now have a revolutionised intranet solution for their employees, with a fresh, modern look and feel across experience and interface, plus comprehensive training and continued support.

To find out more on how we did this, view the case study here.

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“Working with Brave & Heart was fun and a great learning experience. Their team actively listened to our vision; they were quick to respond to our requirements; and offered creative solutions to achieve our objectives. They left us fully skilled up to adeptly manage our own content. This has enabled us to engage effectively with our stakeholders by delivering easily accessible news, insights, tools & training.” Group Chief Internal Auditor - Joanne Traice
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