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A comprehensive employee value proposition was needed, from scratch.
We created the strategy and design to rollout an EVP to over 800 employees in just 6 months.

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Due to phenomenal success which saw them rapidly expand in a relatively short time, MTC needed to prioritise their people strategy.

They enlisted Brave & Heart to support in developing a world class Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

After extensive qualitative and quantitative work, we applied the findings to our 6 stage EVP framework, which was then unanimously accepted by the executive team

To ensure success we created strong visual branding, communications rollouts and staff training.

We implemented these changes with a highly effective cascade that created a buzz throughout the building with the new visuals and EVP strategy creating overwhelmingly positive adoption across all levels.

To find out more on how we did this, view the case study here.

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“We needed to quickly understand what our employee brand should be and how we could develop that in order to support the longer term vision and mission of MTC and our people.” - MTC HR Director - Victoria Sanderson
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