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A bold change to their social strategy was needed.
We changed their focus from platforms to community and developed a streamlined process for asset development that tripled their return on investment immediately.

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In the face of decreasing customer engagement Nissan UK wanted to take a closer look at their Social Media Strategy. It was time to look to the future.

With a deep understanding of social and digital, we were perfectly placed to step in.

We started internally, developing new organisational ways of thinking, creating a new set of KPI's and MOST and developed job descriptions for all roles.

Using our "Be Brave" mindset we highlighted a new approach and recommended a mindset change to focus on "Community and influence".

We then moved on to make agency changes which streamlined the workflow, optimised expertise and enhanced quality. These changes also created significant cost and time efficiencies by allowing the absorption of social activities into creative workflows at the agency.

The result was a fantastic success, with at least 100 K GBP of cost optimisation expected in the first year alone. Overall, Nissan UK's social approach was revolutionized from the inside out.

To find out more on how we did this, view the case study here.

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“After 7 years managing social media we want to regain focus on what we are doing in social and why. How could we utilise online conversations to converse with our customers more effectively?” Leonie Tapley - Nissan GB
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